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Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference....Kathy Kalvin

If you think seriously for the society you must think for the education of our future generation first. Millions of children still in India are not going to any school due various reasons like social discrimination, lack of proper school in their vicinity, poverty etc. These children either working as child labor or just wandering. These underprivileged children are growing up as unskilled, uneducated and unaware. Urban illiteracy is more dangerous as these children are very much venerable to drug addiction and are easily being trapped in organized crime syndicate. Stand N Stride is committed to change the destiny of such children which is not possible without your active support and participation.

You can support us by:

"Time, Money, Goods, Sponsorship"


If you are passionate of teaching /doing extra curricular activities and are ready to take the challenges to work in comparatively uncomfortable situation then you can be our volunteer. For this pl. go to "Be Volunteer “page of this website for registration.


We need mainly following items on regular basis:

Mats : joute/plastic, Plastic chairs, Notebooks, Books, Stationeries ,School bags, Hygiene kit(comprises of nail cutter, comb, soap, tooth paste, brush, Sanitary napkins etc.)


Sponsoring a Teacher: If you sponsor a child you are helping only one child but if you sponsor a Teacher you are helping tens of children. In some of our remote area Education centers our volunteers can't reach due many reasons like, distance, traffic, congested area to park their vehicle, safety, security etc. For those centers we normally hire local people for teaching. To pay those teachers we need sponsor. The tentative amount to be paid to a teacher somewhere between Rs.2000 to 5000 per month depending upon qualification of teacher and location of centers.

Sponsoring room rent: Normally we teach our students in parks. We need a space in nearby area to keep our stuffs like board, chairs etc. To pay rent we need sponsor. The rent is around Rs.3000.00 to Rs.4000.00/-


We need money for administration work and to execute welfare programs.

You can be our regular donor by donating Rs.500/-per month.

You can donate us any amount, anywhere any time.

Mode of payment: online or through Wallet.

Your support in our mission will ensure that the child receives education, healthcare as well as nutritional support through every phase of his/her young life.

  • Bank name: The Begusarai Central Co-operative bank limited
  • Branch: Bhagwanpur
  • A/C Name: Jago Gaon
  • A/C no. : 000935003100005
  • IFSC Code:IBKL01077BD
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About Us

JAGO GAON believes that the soul of India still resides in its villages. India, which is the land of coexistence of paradoxes, where opulence of a selective few exists along with utter penury prevailing in the oppressed masses. Any growth, therefore, which is not inclusive growth, is no growth. Jago Gaon therefore aims to make a humble attempt in inducing hope in nooks which, unfortunately, till date form an ignored section.

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